Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case West

Capcom announces Dead Rising 2: Case West to be a DLC for Dead Rising 2 taking place approximately one year after the Fortune City incident. Chuck Greene is still trying to clear his name, and this time he brought help.  Case West is bringing back the zombie killing legend Frank West, and allows you and a friend to be either of them in a multiplayer mode. No news on when it's going to come out but it is said that it will be an Xbox 360 exclusive DLC. Trailers for Case West can be found on Xbox Live.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 is about a new character named Chuck Greene, his is a Motorcross Champion and now competes in a zombie killing game show called Terror is Reality (TIR). He competes in TIR to make money for his daugter to buy a drug called zombrex, which stops infected from turning into zombies (Must be taken every 24 hours). After a outbreak of zombies happens to the city of Las Vegas, Chuck Greene who they think let out the zombies has to prove his innocence in a 72 hour mode full of saving civilians, and killing the crazies.

Dead Rising 2, a great game if your a fan of killing zombies, a big step up from Dead Rising (original). It greatly resembles Dead Rising 1 with many approvements. It in my opinion, Dead Rising 2 is a great buy, brand new or used it's worth it if you liked the first Dead Rising. The game improved  in many aspects, for those who thought the game was too easy, they made the zombies stronger, faster, and sometimes they follow you. Dead Rising 2 gives you less time to do side missions(which also makes it harder), of course if you dont want to do them or feel there is not enough time you dont have to. They also fixed the saving system making it capable to load 3 different save files.

Along with the improvements with the difficulty system, Dead Rising 2 also brings better graphics, Combo weapons, a new map, new characters and a Multiplayer. Though the multiplayer doesn't compare to games like Call of Duty or Halo, it's still fun to play and the best part of it all you make money through the multiplayer and you can put that money to your single player storyline. The combo weapons introduced allow you to throw weapons together with the weapons you allready have. These combo weapons are preset and can only be combined if they are a card, though you can make the weapon even though you dont have the card for less points earned per kill. You can gain cards by killing bosses, leveling more and getting farther into the game.

If any one has any questions, wants to add things to my blog or has questions on any specific topic or guide just post it and i will help you out as soon as possible, have fun playing Dead Rising 2 and if you dont own it yet i would recommend buying it.